You may have seen this picture of the spilled red wine posted on Pinterest or other sites around the web lately. It’s from an online article at and the title is:

The Only Spot Remover You’ll Ever Need.

Well that definitely got MY attention…because I had JUST the “spot” to test this “spot remover” on. Lately the undershirt/t-shirts my boys wear have been bugging me to no end!  They are relatively NEW t-shirts…but after a few times wearing them playing basketball or whatever boys do to get all sweaty and disgusting….the underarm areas are all stained yellow!

I hesitated to post my results with this because my “photography” leaves a lot to be desired and I don’t think my photos do it justice. The BEFORE and AFTER’s were QUITE amazing…….especially considering I had tried everything I could possibly think of to get them white again.

The online article describes the stain remover mixture as consisting of one part Dawn dishwashing liquid mixed with two parts HYDROGEN PEROXIDE  (which of course I have OODLES of for making my Miracle Cleaner).
The author then goes on to say you pour the mixture directly on the stain, and watch it disappear like MAGIC.

I knew the stains on my boys t-shirts were uber STUBBORN (since even pouring straight bleach on them hadn’t worked previously)…so I used the above “recipe” PLUS added some baking soda (of course!) for the extra scrubbing element…and I used a small laundry brush to work the whole concoction into the stain for a few minutes.  After that I walked away and let the whole thing sit there for an hour or so and then laundered as usual.


After that initial success I decided to try it again on one of my similarly stained camis. Although it’s even harder to see the “success” in these pictures…I was thrilled! As a matter of fact…the areas I used the cleaning recipe on were so much whiter than the rest of the cami that now I feel like I might have to try it again but just submerge the whole top into the solution.  Hmm….I sense another “experiment” coming on this weekend. :-)

As I HOPE you can see in these sad little photos of mine…the difference was actually quite amazing and very encouraging!  Can’t wait to try it on more clothes that have been hiding in my closets, too embarrassed to come out.

And an added bonus for me in trying out this idea….I am slowly beginning to realize why a decent camera is so important for an effective blog post and am adding it to my ever-growing list for Santa!   :-)


UPDATE: 11/20/2011

There have been a few comments posted inquiring whether you can use this on colored clothes too. This weekend I decided to put it “to the test” on an old DARK BLUE t-shirt of mine that had some grease spots on the front that I have tried EVERYTHING I could think of to get out…to no avail.
Once again, my lame camera phone doesn’t do this justice….but hopefully will give you an idea.

As you can see….no ill effects (ie. fading/bleaching of the color!) The mixture I scrubbed on with the brush above was 1 tsp. Dawn dishwashing detergent, 3-4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, and a couple tablespoons of baking soda.  Pretty pleased with this since this is an OLD shirt that I just hadn’t got around to throwing out. Now I don’t have to! :-)

And that’s today’s….

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